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Did you know LGBTI people are:

  • More likely to have a high/very high level of psychological distress (18.2% v. 9.2%)
  • More likely to have attempted suicide (12.6% v. 3.1%)
  • More likely to have had suicidal thoughts (34.7% v. 12.9%)
  • More likely to have no contact with family or no family to rely on for serious problems (11.8% v. 5.9%)

Diverse Voices – A helping hand

  • Diverse Voices is mainly ran and operated by volunteers
  • Calls to Diverse Voices can be anything from information & referral calls to crisis calls
  • Diverse Voices has been supporting LGBTIQ+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy Queenslanders for over 35 years
  • Diverse Voices saves lives

How your Donations will help:

  1. Diverse Voices gets some limited funding as part of Q-Life but this doesn’t cover everything
  2. Time spent on fundraising takes valuable resources away from our helpline.
  3. We need to fundraise in a way that doesn’t divert resources away from our important work
  4. To do this we need help from you

The solution