Checklist for Volunteers

Volunteering Queensland (VQ) recommends that potential volunteers consider a number of things when applying for a volunteer position with a nonprofit organisation or a community group.

Below is the checklist that VQ recommend and some more information to help you decide if you’d like to volunteer with Diverse Voices.

VQ recommends you consider this…

At Diverse Voices…

Is the proximity of the position on offer an acceptable distance to your residence? If it is a considerable distance, are you able to cover your travel expenses as you may not be reimbursed by the organisation? Volunteers complete their role onsite at the Diverse Voices office.As a rule you will not be reimbursed for travel to and from your shift.
Do you satisfy the requirements of the position which could include age, language and experience? Our roles all have position descriptions and a selection criteria. These are available on our website when a position becomes available. These documents clearly outline the requirements of the roles. If you have further questions about a role feel free to email info@
Does the organisation have Volunteer Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance to cover you for the volunteer work you will be doing? Are there any exclusions such as age limits or the type of voluntary work undertaken? (refer to Insurance for organisations involving volunteers for further information). Diverse Voices has public liability insurance to cover you while you are working with us.Queensland legislation exempts volunteers from incurring personal civil liability while undertaking voluntary community work while doing so in good faith and within the law.(more info:
Have you met the necessary requirements to work with youth, the aged and/or disabled? Check with the organisation and they will advise you what is required, and how to apply for a card if necessary. Sometimes a Police Check will also be required. Volunteer peer supporters at Diverse Voices must hold a current Queensland Blue Card (working with children check) or be willing to apply for one. You much also complete a police check. Diverse Voices believes in ensuring the safety of individuals and the community first and foremost.
Is the organisation a nonprofit organisation or community project (i.e. not a private business or company)? You can be assured that organisations Volunteering Queensland Inc may refer you to fall into this category. Diverse Voices is a nonprofit registered association. It is also considered a charity for tax purposes and is a public benevolent institution.
Does the purpose of the organisation match your own values and beliefs? Diverse Voices’ mission and values can be found here. (
Does the organisation offer the sort of work that interests you and can maintain or develop your skills? Information about volunteer roles at Diverse Voices can be found here (
Does the organisation have written volunteer policies explaining your rights and responsibilities and what you can expect from the organisation? Is it available for you to read? Diverse Voices has a policy suite that all volunteers are required to become familiar with as part of volunteer induction. All volunteers are also required to complete a volunteer agreement which clearly outlines your rights, responsibilities and what you can expect from Diverse Voices.
Does the organisation have written procedures that reflect Volunteering Queensland Inc’s Code of practice for organisations involving volunteers? Diverse Voices is a member of Volunteering Queensland and subscribes to the code of practice for organisations involving volunteers. We are constantly striving to improve our volunteers experience by aiming to achieve industry best practice. All volunteers have access to Diverse Voices’ policies and procedures, in fact we require all our volunteers to be familiar with these as a condition of engagement with us.
Is there a written role description for the volunteer position you are interested in and does it explain what you will be doing? Is the organisation willing to provide you with written information about itself? All roles at Diverse Voices have position descriptions. These are available to anyone wanting to apply for a particular role at Diverse Voices. We require that volunteers be familiar with these prior to signing a volunteer agreement.
Does the organisation have a manager of volunteers or a contact person whose job is to support and supervise the volunteers? Diverse Voices has a paid Volunteer Coordinator who’s role it is to support develop and supervise volunteers. All Diverse Voices peer supporters also have access to a paid Clinical Supervisor who provides feedback and support.
Will you receive adequate training and orientation to perform your job? All volunteers are required to participate in induction and will receive full training for their job roles. Diverse Voices Peer Supporters are required to complete our 4 day training program before being accredited with us.
Will the organisation provide you with a written reference if you need one? Diverse Voices recognises the hard work and effort of our volunteers in many ways. One such way is to provide a written reference to any volunteer who requires one. Simply ask the Volunteer Coordinator.
Will you be reimbursed for money spent on behalf of the organisation? Diverse Voices does not pay volunteers travel money or any out of pocket expenses incurred during the course of your regular shift. In our Finance Policy there is provision for volunteers to be reimbursed for pre-approved extraordinary expenses. However this is extremely rare.