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Did you know LGBTI people are:

More likely to have a high/very high level of psychological distress (18.2% v. 9.2%)
More likely to have attempted suicide (12.6% v. 3.1%)
More likely to have had suicidal thoughts (34.7% v. 12.9%)
More likely to have no contact with family or no family to rely on for serious problems (11.8% v. 5.9%)

Diverse Voices – A helping hand

Diverse Voices is mainly ran and operated by volunteers
Diverse Voices takes around 50 calls per week
Calls to Diverse Voices can be anything from information & referral calls to crisis calls
We are the only helpline in Queensland ran by LGBTI+ people for LBGTI+ people
Diverse Voices has been doing this job for over 25 years
Diverse Voices saves lives





The problem

Diverse Voices gets some limited funding as part of QLIfe but this doesn’t cover everything
It costs us $7 per call on top of our funding to run the service
Time spent on fundraising takes valuable resources away from our helpline
We need to fundraise in a way that doesn’t divert resources away from our important work
To do this we need help from you

The solution

You could become a Diverse Voices Angel and sponsor a call
For as little as $7 per month you can help Diverse Voices carry out its work



Become A Diverse Voices Angel Now!
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For more information about this campaign you can download the pdf here